Financial Institutions Department

The department’s objective is to maintain financial stability of the Non-Banking financial sector through continuous On-Site & Off – Site supervision of financial institutions regulated by Banque du Liban. Those institutions perform a wide range of activities such as:

  • Financial markets operations: Market making/liquidity providing, asset management, brokerage services and loan providing against securities.
  • Specialized lending through factoring and leasing operations.
  • Loans to small medium enterprises (SME), retail banking and micro finance.
  • Investment banking and advisory services.

The Financial Institutions supervision is based on Risk Based Approach (RBA) and allows the BCCL to grade them according to their overall risk profile which is the result of the impact and the probability of occurrence.

The risk profiles determine the scope of the On-Site missions that range from a thematic to a full scope mission. However, spot missions are conducted based on early warning indicators provided by the Off-Site unit within the department that monitors Macro & Micro prudential indicators on regular basis.