General Secretariat Department

The Secretary General is serving as a link between BCCL Executive Board and the various internal departments and the on-site teams , on one hand, and between the BCCL and all other related entities such as the BDL departments, the Higher Banking Council, the supervised institutions and other international bodies on the other hand.

The main functions of the Secretary General are as follows:

  • Acts as a Secretary for the BCCL Board, in preparing the agenda of the board meetings and other materials as well as the minutes of meetings.
  • Follows up the implementation of the decisions of the BCCL Board, providing the necessary support for the proper execution of these decisions.
  • Writes and distributes the official correspondence (decisions and/or recommendations) of BCCL to the external entities.
  • Manages all requests of banks to BCCL in dispatching the related documents to the concerned departments and following – up their answers.
  • Coordinates the work between all BCCL departments.
  • Prepares the on-site missions and monitors their progress.
  • Follows up the projects undertaken by BCCL Board
  • Issues internal administrative memos.