Information Technology Control Department

IT Control Department ’ s objectives and tasks:

  • Supervise Banks and Financial Institutions (FIs) on Operational Risk with regard to BDL and BCCL related Circulars and Memos, inspired by international IT security standards and directives, such as: ISO, BIS, ISACA, NIST, ITIL, BASLE, ISF…
  • Draft IT Security Circulars, in line with the banking business and technology evolution.
  • Provide guidance to Banks and FIs for implementing scalable and secure Information Systems in the purpose of decreasing the risks of systems instability and inadequate operability..
  • Ensure that Banks’ and FIs’ Information Technology Management Systems are providing reliable operations and truthful financial reporting thru consistent, verifiable, resilient and secure processes.
  • Ensure that Banks and FIs procure adequate technology and business continuity plans.
  • Perform Onsite Periodic and Ad-hoc IT supervisory missions.
  • Coordinate IT supervisory issues with financial interrelated examiners.
  • Provide Banks and FIs with the recommendations issued by BCCL’s Management, resulting from Supervisory Onsite missions, and follow up periodically their proper implementation.
  • Assess Banks’ and FIs’ requests for new acquired technology and services.
  • Interact where appropriate, with Banks and FIs on IT and security issues or breaches.
  • Collect and Analyze Banks and FIs’ IT reported Data.
  • Review external auditors’ reports as required by BDL and BCCL IT related circulars and memos.