Off-Site Supervision Department

Off-site Supervision Department is responsible for the on-going monitoring of banks and NBFI to ensure financial soundness of institutions. The department also ensures effective enforcement of regulatory and supervisory policies, monitors risk profiles, evaluates financial performance of individual banks and NBFI on solo and consolidated basis, prepares off-site risk reports, suggests enforcement actions and follows up on the institution’s compliance with the corrective measures.

To effectively discharge its function, the department uses variety of quantitative tools, including CAMELS-BCOM rating system, peer group review in addition to key financial indicators calculated from regular prudential information related to on- and off-balance sheet, profitability, capital, liquidity, large exposures, risk concentrations, asset quality, related party transactions, interest rate and market risk.

These are in addition to qualitative information including corporate governance, internal controls, risk management derived from on-site inspection reports, external audit reports, supervisory reports of subsidiaries operating abroad, Memorandum of Understanding in addition to frequent meetings and continuous dialogue with the institution’s senior management.