Studies Department

The Studies Department is responsible for preparing the required studies and analysis of banks, Financial Institutions transactions and requests. These include but are limited to:

  • Licensing and establishment of Lebanese commercial , investment or Islamic banks and other financial institutions (locally and abroad).
  • Establishing foreign financial institutions branches or representative offices in Lebanon.
  • Opening and closing of banks / financial institutions branches (locally and abroad).
  • Opening of representative offices of Lebanese banks abroad
  • Banks / Financial institutions mergers and acquisitions.
  • Transfer of significant ownership or controlling interest in banks / financial institutions held either directly or indirectly.
  • Increase of Capital, allocation of cash contributions, issuance of stocks and bonds, and capital restructuring.
  • Other matters related to banks / Financial institutions requests concerning compliance with Lebanese banking rules and regulations.

The studies Department was established in October 2001. It is responsible for studying thoroughly the applications and requests of Banks and Financial Institutions.

In addition to the above, the Department recommend to BCCL board the proposed decisions on the requests received. The studies and analysis takes into consideration (where applicable) the compliance of each Bank / Financial Institution with prudential rules and regulations, and other indicators generated by the other off – site departments (after evaluation the Bank / Financial Institution risk profile, taking into consideration the Lebanese banking / Financial Instituions sectors risk profile).

The Department may also conduct certain “on – site” spot reviews in the objective of verifying certain requests and analysis when needed.