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Number Title Date of Issuance Addressee
286 Borrowers accounts frozen or closed in conformity with the laws, regulations, procedures, sanctions and restrictions adopted by international legal organizations or by the sovereign authorities Ar En     13-05-2016 Banks
285 Subsidized Loans in arrears Ar En     31-03-2016 Banks
284 Restructuring of Loans Ar En     15-02-2016 Banks
283 Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process   06-10-2015 Banks
282 Appointment of Chairman and Board Members of the BCCL Ar En     27-03-2015 Banks
281 Principles for carrying out Banking and Financial Operations with clients  05-03-2015 Banks
280 Retail Loans Classification and Provisioning Guidelines  02-01-2015 Banks
279 Maximum Limits on Related Party Lending      20-10-2014 Banks
277 Tier One Capital for computation of Regulatory Limits  21-05-2014 Banks
276 Computation of maximum Bank Credit Facilities   21-06-2013 Banks
275 Essential Principals of Liquidity Risk Management  29-01-2013 Banks
274 Net Credit Exposure to One Correspondent Bank Abroad  27-12-2012 Banks