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Number Title Date of Issuance Addressee
273 Credit Transparency Rules and Conditions  10-11-2012 Banks
272 IT Security in Banks and Financial Institutions   27-10-2011 Banks
271 Internal Control and Internal Audit  21-09-2011 Banks
269 Investments, Placements and Participations of Investment Banks      10-06-2011 Banks
267 Acquisition of foreclosed Real Estate as per article 154 of the Code of Money and Credit    17-02-2011 Banks
266 Reporting of Legal Conflicts   25-11-2010 Banks
264 Summary of Obligatory Reserve Requirements as per BDL Basic Circ. No. 84 and its amendments   18-08-2010 Banks
263 Appointment of Chairman and Board Members of the BCCL  17-03-2010 Banks
262 Risk management Function      15-12-2009 Banks
261 Credit Risk Mitigation Techniques  21-08-2009 Banks
257 Computation of Equity to cover Operational Risk Ar En     08-10-2007 Banks
256 Computation of Equity to cover Market Risk Ar En     26-09-2007 Banks