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Number Title Date of Issuance Addressee
08-2011 Reported Forms requested by BCCL      26-05-2011 Banks
15-2008 Extension of deadline to start using the new BCCL reporting system   10-06-2008 Banks
01-2016 Impairement Test of banks' participations in subsidiaries abroad  26-02-2016 External Auditors
09-2016 Profits realized on the sale of sovereign financial instruments in LBP and purchase simultaneously financial instruments in FC as per BDL Intermediate circular No.428 dated 25/6/2016  12-07-2016 Banks
04-2000 Information of borrowers who benefit from BDL Basic cir. No. 22 dated 8/2/1996  20-07-2000 Banks
20-2007 Preparation for the adoption of the New BCCL reporting system  14-12-2007 Banks
01-2010 Deposit brackets & number of depositors  09-01-2010 Banks