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Number Title Date of Issuance Addressee
238 Credit Files and other requirements for Loan processing and origination Ar En     23-10-2002 Banks
236 Computation of Net Liquid Asset Ratio in Foreign Currencies Ar En     13-03-2002 Banks
233 Acquisition of Securitized Loans in foreign currencies   07-08-2001 Banks
222 IT Security Guidelines  Ar En     18-08-2000 Banks
221 Distribution of Dividends Ar En     20-04-2000 Banks
219 Appointment of Chairman and Board Members of the BCCL  02-02-2000 Banks
214 Changes in Senior Management Ar En     29-06-1999 Banks
208 Accounting and Valuation of Collective Investment Schemes   Ar En     24-09-1998 Banks
206 Providing BCCL with copies of Published Financial Statements  Ar En     07-08-1998 Banks
205 Disclosure of Introducing Brokerage Transactions in Off Balance Sheet  Ar En     06-08-1998 Banks
199 Published Annual Financial Statements for Listed Banks  04-08-1997 Banks
197 FX positions and the treatment of profits resulting from the liquidation of fixed FX positions Ar En     05-05-1997 Banks