BCCL Circulars

Number Title Date of Issuance Addressee
288 Computation of the maximum limit of the ratio of loans and placements in sovereign and non-sovereign bonds in foreign currencies to customers’ deposits in foreign currencies at related entities abroad 21-03-2017 Banks
287 Participation of banks in startup companies, incubators, accelerators, venture capital and holding companies 15-03-2017 Banks
286 Borrowers accounts frozen or closed in conformity with the laws, regulations, procedures, sanctions and restrictions adopted by international legal organizations or by the sovereign authorities      13-05-2016 Banks
285 Subsidized Loans in arrears  31-03-2016 Banks
284 Restructuring of Loans Ar En     15-02-2016 Banks
283 Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process   06-10-2015 Banks
282 Appointment of Chairman and Board Members of the BCCL  27-03-2015 Banks
281 Principles for carrying out Banking and Financial Operations with clients  05-03-2015 Banks
280 Retail Loans Classification and Provisioning Guidelines  02-01-2015 Banks
279 Maximum Limits on Related Party Lending      20-10-2014 Banks
277 Tier One Capital for computation of Regulatory Limits  21-05-2014 Banks
276 Computation of maximum Bank Credit Facilities   21-06-2013 Banks