BCCL Circulars

Number Title Date of Issuance Addressee
253 Bai’salam Operations carried out by Islamic Banks: definition & accounting       11-04-2007 Banks
252 Operational Risk Management as per Basel Requirements Ar En     14-09-2006 Banks
251 Computation of Limits on Investments as per articles 152 & 153 of the Code of Money and Credit   29-05-2006 Banks
250 Interest Rate Risk Management Ar En     23-05-2006 Banks
249 Moudaraba Operations Carried out by Islamic Banks: definition & accounting       07-03-2006 Banks
247 “Ijarah and Ijarah muntahia bittamleek” carried out by Islamic Banks: definition & accounting     31-10-2005 Banks
246 “Musharaka” or Sharing executed by the Islamic Banks: definition & accounting     13-07-2005 Banks
243 Appointment of Chairman and Board Members of the BCCL  02-02-2005 Banks
242 Principles of Risk Management Ar En     30-06-2004 Banks
241 Settlements of Non - Performing Loans Portfolio as at 30/6/2003  Ar En     21-01-2004 Banks
238 Credit Files and other requirements for Loan processing and origination Ar En     23-10-2002 Banks
236 Computation of Net Liquid Asset Ratio in Foreign Currencies  Ar En     13-03-2002 Banks