BCCL Circulars

Number Title Date of Issuance Addressee
195 Published Quarterly Financial Statements for Listed Banks Ar En     10-03-1997 Banks
188 Transfer of Tangible Assets to Real Estate Companies  27-01-1996 Banks
180 Disclosure of Securities Lending, Repo and Reverse Repo Transactions   03-04-1995 Banks
174 Revaluation of Fixed Assets acquired under the provisions of article 153 of the Code of Money and Credit   16-01-1995 Banks
173 Reevaluation of Foreclose & Assets   12-09-1994 Banks
157 Restrictions on changing the currency of provision on doubtful loans without the prior consent of the BCCL   17-12-1992 Banks
94 Submission of Auditors Reports in Arabic Language  17-07-1984 Banks
80 Internal Control on FX Transactions  05-04-1983 Banks
68 Recording clients Precious metals transactions in Off Balance Sheet statement   17-12-1981 Banks
31 Deadline to submit audit reports of brokerage firms  07-10-2013 External Auditors
30 Guidelines on Joint Audit      16-12-2009 External Auditors
29 Allocation of Annual Profits at banks      26-04-2000 External Auditors