BCCL Memos

Number Title Date of Issuance Addressee
07-2019 Report on fees and charges of banking products and services 11-06-2019 Banks
06-2019 Loan Portfolio Database to be submitted to BCCL onsite teams 08-05-2019 Banks
05-2019 Capital Adequacy as at 31-3-2019 08-05-2019 External Auditors
04-2019 BCCL approval on provisions against non-performing loans 08-05-2019 Banks
03-2019 Prior approval on the release of provisions related to loans examined by BCCL 08-05-2019 Banks
02-2019 Capital adequacy as at 31-12-2018 11-02-2019 Banks
01-2019 Reporting related to the policy on the “Principles of Banking and Financial Operations with costumers” 07-02-2019 Banks
20-2018 Revaluation of participations in startup companies and venture capital 22-12-2018 Banks
19-2018 Credit files and other requirements for loan processing and origination 19-12-2018 Banks
18-2018 Computation of Fixed FX positions 28-11-2018 Banks
17-2018 Correspondence with BCCL 05-11-2018 Banks
16-2018 Special email for reporting purposes for each bank and financial institution 05-11-2018 Banks