BCCL Memos

Number Title Date of Issuance Addressee
03-2021 Amendments of some articles and templates of BCC Circular No.299 related to Capital Adequacy Computation 22-02-2021 Banks
02-2021 Amendment of template 153A “Computation of Excess on 153 limit” 15-02-2021 Banks
01-2021 Electronic Reporting to BCCL 05-01-2021 Banks
18-2020 Liquidity abroad as per BDL Basic No. 13262 dated 27/8/2020 24-12-2020 Banks
17-2020 Amendment of templates EQF & EQFP 18-11-2020 Financial Institutions
16-2020 Amendment of EQB template 18-11-2020 Banks
15-2020 Plan for complying with capital requirements 22-10-2020 Banks
14-2020 Measures related to loans, cheques and transfers 02-10-2020 Banks
13-2020 Fresh Money as per BDL Basic Decision No.13217 dated 9/4/2020 (Basic Circular No.150) 17-08-2020 Banks
12-2020 Amendment of form MGAP “Maturity of Assets, Liabilities & Off-BS items” 10-07-2020 Banks
11-2020 Reporting of provisions taken in LBP against Foreign currency assets 10-07-2020 Banks
10-2020 Extension of the deadline for submission of some reports 09-06-2020 Banks