BCCL Memos

Number Title Date of Issuance Addressee
02-2020 Computation of LBP Loan to Deposit Ratio 21-01-2020 Banks
01-2020 Information on transfers to Swiss Banks 14-01-2020 Banks
14-2019 Interest Rates on Deposits and Loans 18-12-2019 Banks
13-2019 Capital increase through cash contributions 13-12-2019 Banks
01-2019 Procedures to be followed up by exchange institutions 30-11-2019 Money Dealers
12-2019 Request of some prudential templates 28-10-2019 Banks
11-2019 Capital Adequacy as at 30/9/2019 10-10-2019 Banks
10-2019 Informing BCC of day-one profits recorded in P&L on financial engineering with BDL 22-08-2019 Banks
09-2019 Capital Adequacy as at 30/6/2019 23-07-2019 Banks
08-2019 Electronic copy of template PB-BDL-A related to subsidized loans 08-07-2019 Banks
07-2019 Report on fees and charges of banking products and services 11-06-2019 Banks
06-2019 Loan Portfolio Database to be submitted to BCCL onsite teams 08-05-2019 Banks