BDL Basic Circulars

Number Title Date of Issuance Addressee
156 Addressing banks’ breaches relating to the marketing of preferred shares 09-12-2020 Banks
155 Implementation of Law no. 193 (Transfers for Lebanese students abroad) 09-12-2020 Banks
154 Exceptional measures to reactivate the work of banks operating in Lebanon 27-08-2020 Banks
153 Transfers to Lebanese students abroad 19-08-2020 Banks
152 Help of those affected by the Beirut Port Explosion 06-08-2020 Banks
151 Exceptional measures concerning cash withdrawals from foreign currency bank accounts 21-04-2020 Banks
150 Exceptional exemptions from banks required reserves and required investments 09-04-2020 Banks
149 Purchase of foreign currencies in cash by BDL 03-04-2020 Banks
148 Exceptional measures concerning cash withdrawals from small accounts 03-04-2020 Banks
147 Opening of Bank Accounts 03-09-2019 Banks
146 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 13-09-2018 Banks
145 Liquidity Coverage Ratio 08-03-2018 Banks