BDL Basic Circulars

Number Title Date of Issuance Addressee
114 Information Requested on the management of Banks & Financial Institutions 14-12-2007 Banks
113 The Monetary Reserve Requirement , Minimum Special Reserve and Required Investments of Islamic banks 09-11-2007 Banks
112 Corporate Governance in Islamic Banks 27-09-2007 Banks
111 Cash Transfers in Accordance with Hawala System 24-09-2007 Banks
110 The relationship between Lebanese banks and financial institutions and their subsidiaries abroad 16-08-2007 Banks
109 Electronic settlement system relating to credit, debit or charge cards issued in the Lebanese market and used in local Points of Sale 09-08-2007 Banks
108 Regulating the Relationship between Banks & Credit Rating Agencies 29-06-2007 Banks
107 Islamic Banks Statement 17-02-2007 Banks
106 Corporate Governance 26-07-2006 Banks
105 Accounting Treatment of Goodwill Resulting from Mergers 07-07-2006 Banks
104 Implementation of the Basel II Capital Adequacy Accord 01-04-2006 Banks
103 Requirement to practice specific functions in the banking and financial sectors 09-03-2006 Banks