BDL Basic Circulars

Number Title Date of Issuance Addressee
102 Istisnah Operations carried out by Islamic Banks 10-12-2005 Banks
101 Bai’salam Operations carried out by Islamic Banks 10-12-2005 Banks
100 Mudaraba Operations Carried out by Islamic Banks 16-07-2005 Banks
99 Operations of “ijarah and ijarah muntahia bittamleek” that are done by the Islamic Banks 01-06-2005 Banks
97 Operations of “Musharaka” or Sharing Executed by the Islamic Banks 19-01-2005 Banks
96 Islamic Banking : Operations of “Murabaha” 20-10-2004 Banks
95 The Conditions for the Establishment of Islamic Banks in Lebanon 26-08-2004 Banks
94 Practice of Islamic Banking in Lebanon 26-08-2004 Banks
93 Microcredits 13-07-2004 Banks
92 Electronic Clearing House for Credit Cards and Payment Cards and Debit Cards Issued in the Lebanese Market and Used on ATM’s 24-01-2003 Banks
91 Investments by Residents in Securities Issued by Non-Residents 13-02-2002 Banks
90 Regulation of The Statement of Reports about International Transactions 04-02-2002 Banks