BDL Basic Circulars

Number Title Date of Issuance Addressee
89 Export and Import of Bank notes from and to Lebanon 11-01-2002 Banks
88 Deposit and Withdrawal of Amounts of Money at the BDL Cashiers 26-11-2001 Banks
87 Regulatory Rules of circ.7926 Concerning Investment of Banks in Foreign Currencies at BDL 27-09-2001 Banks
86 Investment of Banks in Foreign Currencies at BDL 20-09-2001 Banks
85 Statistics Reports 30-06-2001 Banks
84 Reserve Requirements 02-06-2001 Banks
83 Regulations on the Control of Financial and Banking Operations for Fighting Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing 18-05-2001 Banks
82 Bank Share Issuance and Trading, Bank Bond Issuing and Bank Ownership of Real Estate 11-05-2001 Banks
81 Operations relating to credit, investment, shareholding and participation 21-02-2001 Banks
80 Subsidy of Interest on Loans Extended to the Industry, Tourism and Agriculture Sectors 02-01-2001 Banks
79 Conditions for the Establishment of Banks in Lebanon 21-12-2000 Banks
78 The Liquidation of Real Estate, Shares,Participations Required in Accordance with art.154, to Recover Doubtful Debts 21-12-2000 Banks