Deleted BCCL Circulars and Memos

BCCL Deleted Circulars
Number Title Date of Issuance Addressee
278 Subsidized Loans in arrears   05-08-2014 Banks
270 Treatment of Unrealized Profits and Losses on Financial Instruments  19-09-2011 Banks
268 Computations of FX Fixed Positions   01-03-2011 Banks
265 Treatment of Financial Instruments Under IFRS 9   23-09-2010 Banks
260 Work of Risk Management Units  05-08-2009 Banks
259 Investments, Placements and Participations of Investment Banks  17-12-2007 Banks
258 Maximum lending limits Ar En     05-12-2007 Banks
248 Reporting of the evolution of equity  20-02-2006 Banks
245 Accounting treatment as per IAS 39 Ar En     02-03-2005 Banks
244 Conditions for distributing dividends  04-02-2005 Banks
240 Classification of Total Loss Loans in Financial Statement Form No.2010  Ar En     02-01-2004 Banks
239 Reporting of foreclosed real estate as per article 154 of the code of money and credit Ar En     02-04-2003 Banks

BCCL Deleted Memos
Number Title Date of Issuance Addressee
04-2007 Information and documents requested as per BCC circular No.136 dated 19/11/1990  11-04-2007 Banks
03-2007 Implementation of new forms SH1, SH2, CD1, CD2, CD3  11-04-2007 Banks
02-2007 Statistical Information regarding listed shares and GDRs  28-02-2007 Banks
01-2007 Amendment of the way of reporting of some prudential forms  01-10-2007 Financial Institutions
01-2007 Information on Holding Companies as per article 1 of BDL Basic Circular No. 47 dated 4/6/1998 and their investments in Lebanon and abroad  19-01-2007 Banks
12-2006 Submission of the Income Statement  20-11-2006 Banks
08-2006 Implementation of a new forms and amendments on forms 2C & 3B  29-08-2006 Banks
02-2006 Amendments of forms 1F and 1G and cancellation of form 12A  24-02-2006 Banks
07-2005 Prudential returns for Investment banks      10-10-2005 Banks
04-2005 Amendments of some forms  27-06-2005 Banks