No. Title Type Date
Banking Secrecy En Ar Law 1/9/1956
13513 Law of Money and Credit Ar Law 1/8/1963
2/67 Special Regulations Covering Defaulting Banks Ar Law 16/1/1967
43 Banking Control Commission Chairman’s Duties and Responsibilities Ar Legislative Decree 8/5/1967
7977 Specific Procedural Rules to be Applied at the Higher Banking Commission  Ar Decree 16/8/1967
28/67 Supplemental Regulations Covering Banks and Establishment of the National Deposit Guarantee Institution (NDGI) Ar Law 9/5/1967
1983 Regulation of Banks’ Auditors Ar Decree 25/9/1971
9976 Government’s Power to Exempt all Deposits and other Banking Commitments in Foreign Currencies from Specific Taxes & Fees. (Free Zone for Banks) Ar Decree 1/4/1975
77 Amendment of the Money and Credit Code Ar Legislative Decree 27/6/1977
83 Exceptional Rules – for the Creation of Reserves to Compensate Losses Resulting from the Debts Originated before 1/1/1977 and for Debt Reserves Set by Banks. Ar Legislative Decree 27/6/1977
707 Identification of Accounting Basics used to Calculate the Annual Fees due to National Deposit Guarantee Institution Ar Decree 9/12/1977
1663 Rules on Seized Banks Ar Law Implemented by Decree 17/1/1979
50 Specialized Banks Regulation Ar Legislative Decree 15/7/1983
99 Rules on Lebanese and Foreign Banks Ar Law 6/11/1991
192 Facilitating the Mergers and Acquisition of Banks En Ar Law 1/4/1993
520 Developing the Financial Market and the Fiduciary Contracts Regulations Ar Law 6/6/1996
133 Modifying Article 70 of the Code of Money and Credit Ar Law 26/10/1999
308 Bank Share Issuing and Trading, Bank Bond Issuing and Bank Ownership of Real Estate Ar Law 3/4/2001
318 Fighting Money Laundering En Ar Law 20/4/2001
347 Regulating the Money Exchange Profession in Lebanon En Ar Law 6/8/2001
575 The Establishment of Islamic Banks in Lebanon En Ar Law 11/2/2004
1423 Regulations on the mechanism and criteria/standards for soft loans granted in accordance with the provisions of Article 6 of Law No 192 of January 4, 1993 and its amendments on facilitating banks merger. En Ar Decree 23/2/2009
42 Declaring the Cross-Border Transportation of Money En Ar Law 24/11/2015
43 Exchange of Tax Information En Ar Law 24/11/2015
44 Fighting Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing En Ar Law 24/11/2015