No. Title Type Date
Banking Secrecy En Ar Law 1/9/1956
13513 Law of Money and Credit Ar Law 1/8/1963
2/67 Special Regulations Covering Defaulting Banks Ar Law 16/1/1967
43 Banking Control Commission Chairman’s Duties and Responsibilities Ar Legislative Decree 8/5/1967
7977 Specific Procedural Rules to be Applied at the Higher Banking Commission  Ar Decree 16/8/1967
28/67 Supplemental Regulations Covering Banks and Establishment of the National Deposit Guarantee Institution (NDGI) Ar Law 9/5/1967
1983 Regulation of Banks’ Auditors Ar Decree 25/9/1971
9976 Government’s Power to Exempt all Deposits and other Banking Commitments in Foreign Currencies from Specific Taxes & Fees. (Free Zone for Banks) Ar Decree 1/4/1975
77 Amending Article 316 bis of the Lebanese Penal Code En Ar Law 27/10/2016
83 Exceptional Rules – for the Creation of Reserves to Compensate Losses Resulting from the Debts Originated before 1/1/1977 and for Debt Reserves Set by Banks. Ar Legislative Decree 27/6/1977
707 Identification of Accounting Basics used to Calculate the Annual Fees due to National Deposit Guarantee Institution Ar Decree 9/12/1977
1663 Rules on Seized Banks Ar Law Implemented by Decree 17/1/1979
50 Specialized Banks Regulation Ar Legislative Decree 15/7/1983
99 Rules on Lebanese and Foreign Banks Ar Law 6/11/1991
192 Facilitating the Mergers and Acquisition of Banks En Ar Law 1/4/1993
520 Developing the Financial Market and the Fiduciary Contracts Regulations Ar Law 6/6/1996
133 Modifying Article 70 of the Code of Money and Credit Ar Law 26/10/1999
234 Regulating the Financial Intermediation Profession En Ar Law 10/6/2000
308 Bank Share Issuing and Trading, Bank Bond Issuing and Bank Ownership of Real Estate Ar Law 3/4/2001
318 Fighting Money Laundering En Ar Law 20/4/2001
347 Regulating the Money Exchange Profession in Lebanon En Ar Law 6/8/2001
575 The Establishment of Islamic Banks in Lebanon En Ar Law 11/2/2004
705 Asset Securitization Law En Ar Law 9/12/2005
706 Collective Investment Schemes in Securities and Other Financial Instruments Ar Law 9/12/2005
32 Expanding the SIC Competence to Include Corruption En Ar Law 16/10/2008
1423 Regulations on the mechanism and criteria/standards for soft loans granted in accordance with the provisions of Article 6 of Law No 192 of January 4, 1993 and its amendments on facilitating banks merger. En Ar Decree 23/2/2009
160 Prohibiting insider trading made on the basis of material non-public information En Ar Law 17/08/2011
161 Capital Markets Law EnAr Law 17/08/2011
42 Declaring the Cross-Border Transportation of Money En Ar Law 24/11/2015
43 Exchange of Tax Information En Ar Law 24/11/2015
44 The Law on Fighting Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing En Ar Law 24/11/2015
53 Authorizing the Lebanese Government to accede to the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism signed in New York on December 9, 1999 En Ar Law 24/11/2015
55 Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes En Ar Law 27/10/2016